Early bird catches the worm...


Health Breakfast Muesli & Fruit

Muesli with seasonal fruits, Bulgarian yoghurt, nuts and honey 



2 x Eggs, 2 rashers of Bacon, Tomato relish and 2 toast 


Outer Pool

2 x Eggs, 3 Rashers of Bacon, Tomato relish and Beef Sausage served with chips, 2 toast or fried onion & mushrooms 



Croissant served with scrambled egg and bacon

Early Bird

2 x Eggs served on 2 slices of Toast with Tomato relish 



2 x Eggs, 2 rashers of Bacon, Tomato Relish, served with chips and 2 Toast


Reef Breaker

2 x Eggs, 3 Rashers of Bacon, Tomato relish, Beef sausage, 200g Burger patty, served with chips, 2 Toast or Fried onion & mushrooms 


De Luxe

Croissant served with scrambled egg, smoked salmon, Hollandaise and Avo


Roman's Mini Open Omelette

Ground Beef, Feta, Mushrooms and Onion & Green pepper 


Florentine Mini Open Omelette

Feta, Salami, Rocket, Mozzarella & Pecorino Cheese

Breakfasts At Restaurant Mossel Bay Delfinos
Trammazini Bacon Mossel Bay Delfinos

Toasted Tramezzinis

Fat and Juicy, just like us...

Selected sandwiches available on request - please ask your waiter - T&C'c apply!



BBQ chicken, fried mushrooms & onion, feta, rocket and mozzarella  


Pulled pork, caramelised pear, rocket and mozzarella


Bacon, feta, avo and rocket


Ham, Salami, Pulled pork, gherkins Rocket and BBQ sauce

*AII prices are Inclusive of VAT and may change without notice. All changes to the menu could result in an extra 20 min wait. Ingredients may vary subject to availability and seasonality. Menu Items may contain traces of nuts.


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