Starters & Salads

Light Meals

Feeling peckish?


Crumbed Mushrooms

2 Kebabs with peppers and onion, served with tatare sauce



7 snails smothered in butter, garlic and cream. Served with ciabatta

Mozzarella Sticks

Crumbed and deep-fried mozzarella, served with sweet chilli- or honey and mustard sauce


Creamy Mussels

Half shell mussels in a creamy garlic butter and wine sauce served with ciabatta

Cheese Foccacia

Thin, hand-rolled 26cm pizza base with Mozzarella and garlic


Deep Fried Crumbed Calamari Strips 125g

Tender calamari steak, cut into strips, dusted with our flour and herb mix and served with tartare sauce


Smoked Snoek or chicken Pate

Homemade, served with freshly baked ciabatta and caramelised pears


Prawns (Size 21/26)

6 Prawns in the shell fried in a creamy garlic & lemon butter, served with ciabatta


Chicken Livers Peri Peri

Chicken livers fried with onion in a mild peri- peri sauce and served with ciabatta

Pickled Fish

This cold dish is a local favourite. Deep fried hake in a mild onion & curry sauce, served with a side salad (Greek or Tuscan) and ciabatta


Formaggio Foccacia

Thin, hand-rolled 26cm pizza base with Mozzarella cheese, feta, garlic and herbs


Springbok Carpaccio

Springbok carpaccio complemented with rocket, strawberries (sq), olive oil, balsamic glaze and shaved pecorino cheese

Skinny Foccacia

Thin, hand-rolled 26cm pizza base with Olive oil, Italian herbs and garlic

Salad Bar

"healthy section"...


Tuscan Salad

Our famous Tuscan salad -Seasonal greens, pear slices, Almond slivers and shaved pecorino tossed with champagne and red onion vinaigrette 

Chicken And Feta Salad

Frilly lettuce with onion, peppers, cucumber, carrot & tomato. Topped with grilled bbq chicken pieces, Almond slivers, feta & honey and mustard dressing

Delfino's Gourmet Salad

Parma ham, pecan nuts, croutons, feta, avo and almond slivers on a bed of frilly lettuce with red onion, peppers, cucumber, carrot & tomato. Drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction


Mediterranean Pan Roasted Vegetables

Seasonal greens, cauliflower, mushrooms, red onion, butternut, mixed peppers, feta, almond slivers, balsamic reduction and topped with shaved pecorino


Frilly lettuce with onion, peppers, cucumber, carrot & tomato. Loaded with bacon, fried mushroom and onions, croutons, avo, pecan nut and a drizzle of balsamic reduction


Salads In Mossel Bay Delfinos

*AII prices are Inclusive of VAT and may change without notice. All changes to the menu could result in an extra 20 min wait. Ingredients may vary subject to availability and seasonality. Menu Items may contain traces of nuts.


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